10 symptoms associated with H. pylori infection.

What are the symptoms of H. pylori infection?

Most people with H. pylori don’t have any symptoms.

When the infection leads to an ulcer, symptoms may include abdominal pain, especially when your stomach is empty at night or a few hours after meals. The pain is usually described as a gnawing pain, and it may come and go. Eating or taking antacid drugs may relieve this pain.

If you have this type of pain or a strong pain that doesn’t seem to go away, you should visit your doctor.

A number of other symptoms may be associated with H. pylori infection, including:

1-excessive burping.

2-feeling bloated.




6-lack of appetite, or anorexia.

7-unexplained weight loss.

See your doctor immediately if you experience:

8-trouble swallowing.


10-blood in the stool.

However, these are common symptoms that could be caused by other conditions. Some of the symptoms of H. pylori infection are also experienced by healthy people. If any of these symptoms persist or you’re concerned about them, it’s always best to see your doctor. If you notice blood or a black color in your feces or vomit, you should consult your doctor.