An old lady stabs 3 year old child for no reason at all, gets away and is yet to be found

THIS is the horrifying moment a woman randomly stabbed a three-year-old boy in the street.


A couple of days ago a horrifying accident happened in Tbilisi, Georgia. A family with two kids were walking down Pekini Avenue. Tbilisi seemed calm on 27th August and there was no reason for the parents to be scared of walking in the streets with their 3 years old twins, a boy and a girl. As the witnesses say, parents and the children walked into the pharmacy. As they left the building and started walking on the pavement, one passerby got closer to them. The cameras, which were installed in the streets, clearly detect a woman walking past the family, then she turns back and gets closer to the three years old boy. “We thought that the stranger was trying to caress our boy,” says a mother who was holding hands with her kid. But in reality, the woman had a whole different intention. As we can see from the video recording, the woman starts searching for something in her purse and in just a second she stabs the kid with the knife. Everything happens so fast, that the parents panic and they freeze, don’t know what to do. As the father says, he was so shocked that even the ambulance was called by strangers. Video also clearly shows that the stranger was trying to hurt another kid too.


She turns back to the little girl and starts getting closer to her. But her father, who was holding hands with her, steps forward and defends his daughter. Shocked parents start to realize what has just happened. The video shows that the father tries to catch the stranger woman. “We saw an overweight woman getting close to the boy, she brought her hand down on the kid’s face and then she ran. Father tried to catch her, but he turned back to his family” states the witness, but now we know that the woman not only touched the boy with her hand but also with cold steel. The father of the kids tells a full story to the journalists: “We were just walking on the streets when a woman got near to us. Lots of people come to the twins to caress them every day, how could I know that this woman had a different agenda. Then she started walking to my daughter, that’s when I saw that she was holding a knife. Only after I heard my wife and a kid crying I realized that something awful had happened. Then I saw my kid bleeding.” The parents declared that they have never seen the woman before, so there should be no reason for the stranger to harm a little kid. “I have never seen the woman near my house ever. I have no idea who she was and what she wanted” says the father of the three years old victim.



This incident which took place in the perfectly calm evening was shocking for the family and especially for the twins. The woman crossed the road and disappeared. Nobody could recognize her. Now everyone was scared because there was someone wandering in the streets of Tbilisi, attacking innocent kids with no reason and the police had no idea who she was or where to find her.



The kid who was attacked and cut by a stranger had a scar on his face. The pharmacy which was the nearest one to the incident helped a little kid, then the ambulance came and they transferred the three years old into Zhvania clinic. As a pediatrician of the clinic of Zhvania says, kid’s life is not in a danger anymore. “Three years old boy was bought to our clinic by the ambulance. He had a deep cut on his nose and his right zygomatic areas. Right now the victim’s health status is satisfying. The kid is contacting us. Right now he is in the operating room. Surgical operation is running and the cuts will be mended” declares the pediatrician doctor Medea Ramishvili. The photos of the three years old victim have been spread all over the internet. It is clear that the cuts were deep and quit scary. Fortunately, the plastic surgery was not needed for the boy and just mending the cuts was enough. The victim was discharged from the hospital the next day after the surgery and he was feeling a lot better. But still, the whole family was shocked and despaired. The journalists asked the father of the victim about how they were doing emotionally after the accident. The father says that the boy feels alright, the surgery ended successfully, but his twin, three years old girl is stressed and scared after the horrible night of 27th August. While doctors were trying everything to help the victim properly, the police were searching for the woman who attacked a little boy with a knife and mercilessly cut his face. The videos and the photos of the woman started spreading through the social network and some people started recognizing her.



The woman who had attacked three years old boy and also tried to harm his twin sister was arrested by the police on 28th August. Tamar Sadzaglishvili is facing imprisonment from 7 to 10 years as she harmed a minor and tried to harm another one on purpose. The incident happened on 27th August on Pekini Avenue and Tamar left the crime scene immediately. People had been posting on social media about her. Some of them claim that they have seen the woman before and she has always been acting strange and violent. Lawyer of the victim’s family says that Tamar Sadzaglishvili can harm other people too if she walks freely in the streets. She is dangerous and should be imprisoned. Tamar Sadzaglishvili’s mother tells the court that Tamar had been facing physiological problems since her childhood. She has never been violent before as she has always been taking her medicine. Tamar’s mother thinks that research should be done and Tamar’s physiological problems will be confirmed. The lawyer of the accused thinks that criminal investigation should be stopped and Tamar should get proper help for her physiological problems. It is an interesting fact that Tamar Sadzaglishvili comes from an aristocratic, educated family which have always been law-abiding. The trials are held and soon the sentence will be passed on Tamar Sadzaglishvili, who attacked 3 years old on purpose with cold steel.