Be a voice for the dogs of China, they need our help!

November 20, 2018 | By More

Unfortunately, in China, millions of dogs are still terribly treated, and every year, an estimated ten to fifteen million innocent canines are being cooked, according to statistics.
Dog meat for sale can be found at almost all accessible places, like the restaurants, open market, roadside. The business is booming all across the country.
Since most of the dogs traded are either stolen or strays, traders are bound to present a certificate of origin, though most admit that the loose law lacks to power to hold them accountable if they don’t provide such, and similarly necessary documents.
What’s worse? In rural China, peasants regularly hunt and barbecue stray dogs themselves, right from the comfort of their homes. Also, there is a popular (false) belief that dog meats are beneficial to the body, and although no study has proven this, it has spread like wildfire and caused issues in the Chinese culture.

Petition Objective: To press the Chinese government to follow through with animal protection laws and fortify a total and indefinite ban on dog meat consumption in the country.

On June 21st yearly, an infamous event takes place in the southern city of Yulin, China – the world’s biggest dog meat festival, where over 15,000 dogs are brought from all around the world, cooked and eaten for ten days. This makes the month of June probably the most important and busiest time of the year for such traders.
However, despite the rising criticism, local and international authorities are yet to ban this event and allows it to continue yearly. In the 21st century, should such behavior be recognised in a world dominant power-aiming country? Over to you on that.
The photos attached below were taken during the festivities, so you can get a better understanding of what goes on there.


It is obvious this situation cannot continue, and this is why we, the undersigned, hereto appeal the central government of China, asking for urgent steps to be taken. The plight of these gentle creatures must be quenched, and as soon as possible!
Dogs are highly intelligent and sociable creatures with emotions and need for our care, very precious and cherished family members and man’s best friend. They DO NOT deserve to be anyone’s meal! If you agree, please sign and share this petition widely; let’s rise and speak up for the animals of China.

Be a voice for the dogs of China, they need our help!

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