3-Pain Relief

Yoga can relieve pain from chronic conditions and healing injuries. Yoga allows people to monitor their own bodies and go at their own pace. At Caffe Yoga specifically, there are many types of classes for those looking for a slow pace to help realign their healing bodies.

4-Better Breathing

Through the practiced breath in yoga, a yogi must focus on the way they are breathing through each pose and flow. Practicing breathing can help in everyday life by using the breath accurately to help the body.


Yoga can help to increase the flexibility in the muscles by stretching out the tight stressed out muscles that get tired throughout the day. In our busy, computer obsessed world, it is important to stretch out the body after a long workday at the computer desk. This can help keep the body mobile and supple even through days that keep the body in static positions.

6-ncreased Strength

While yoga relieves the muscles of tension, each yoga asana also strengthens every muscle. The yogi has the option of challenging him or herself how little or how much they would like to. Caffe Yoga offers Yogalates, which combines yoga with Pilates to help fuse the strength of both practices with the breath focus. The Pilates aspects help add an additional dose of strength training to your practice.